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A family history

Lafont’s brand ambassadors have talent. They shake up the codes of cooking, bring out the best in each ingredient and constantly reinvent their profession and their daily lives. Lafont is proud to associate its image with these passionate people, to share their vision and their taste for a job well done.

Itinerary in the heart of the terroir with the chefs

More than ever, work clothing is an essential vector of image and communication to allow everyone to recognize themselves and be recognized. Lafont is developing a close collaboration with the professionals themselves, in the deployment of functional solutions to accompany them in their daily lives and offer them the right workwear. The user is at the center of our preoccupations, he participates in the elaboration of the creation process in relation with the integrated research and development department.







The latest news from our brand ambassadors

La recette à 4 mains d'Anthony Bonnet
Brand ambassadors

The 4-handed recipe

Sharing the same values, it is quite natural that we proposed to two talented chefs to join their know-how and

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