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Generate a positive impact in each of our actions

Positive Impact certification identifies exemplary products in terms of sustainability, using materials with a low environmental impact (recycled, organic, etc.), manufactured in audited factories (respect for working conditions and the environment) and transported by boat or in train. They are therefore all part of an eco-design and eco-social responsibility approach.

The 10 commandments Lafont

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  • Develop quality and durable products.

    Morgane Raimbaud wears the Canopée jacket in recycled polyester

  • Eco-design of our collections and packaging

  • Systematically favor the purchase of certified materials with low environmental impact

  • Apply and exceed regulations on the use of chemical substances

  • Use exclusively secure and audited production factories for the manufacture of our products

  • Raise awareness among users of our products about the environment and non-waste

  • Contribute to actions of general interest, protection of living things and the common good

  • Optimize our supply chain and the transport of our products

  • Make our products available through a distribution network of textile specialists in France and abroad

  • Promote the reuse and recycling of our products

  • CANOPÉE the first entirely eco-responsible chef's jacket made from recycled materials made in France

  • Women's Canopy Jacket

    Morgane Raimbaud wears the CANOPÉE jacket.

  • Men's Canopy Jacket

    Nicolas Paciello wears the CANOPÉE jacket.

100% recycled and recyclable

LAFONT creates the professional clothing of tomorrow with ethical, technical, designer and comfortable products. Thus reaffirms its commitment to a responsible approach with its 100% recycled and recyclable CANOPÉE , CHLOROPHYLLE and ALVÉOLE models.

Zoom on the MADE IN FRANCE fabric used for these models :

  • Breathable fabric made in France 190 g/m2,
  • 40% recycled polyester 37.5® technology,
  • 30% recycled polyester, 30% organic cotton.