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Building craftsmen

Tech range

Timeless reinvented. These clothes are designed and designed in a refined way for a lifestyle look while offering functionalities adaptable to your needs.

  • Movement

    Two-way stretch fabric that adapts to your body shape and facilitates movement

  • Modularity

    The combination of the vest & pants with the “Easy & Fast” system allows you to obtain a bib chain

  • Adaptability

    The first garment
    which is suitable for professionals
    and not the reverse !

  • Technicality

    Products designed to withstand the constraints of your business

  • Lifestyle

    Look inspired by Lifestyle wear will give you a modern look all day long

  • Modernity

    A modern and mixed range which combines ergonomics, ingenuity and technicality

Tech range

With an approach focused on technicality and functionality, each piece in this range combines modern design with unrivaled performance. Discover a new dimension of innovation with our multi-directional stretch and experience absolute comfort, without compromising on safety.

  • BREAK CODE Pants, DROPS Vest, Removable POK4 and POK6 Pockets

    The new bib chain

    Modularity is at the heart of this new range. The combination of the DROPS vest and the BREAK CODE pants with the “Easy & Fast” system makes it easy to obtain a bib and brace.

    Removable pockets, the essence of the collection

    Pockets available in 2 formats for adaptability to use. They can be adapted to the BREAK CODE pants, the POWER MOVE jeans, the BREAK Bermuda shorts and the DROPS vest. You can combine several pockets, worn on the same garment.

  • DROPS Vest - Removable POK6 Pocket - BREAK CODE Trousers

  • DROPS vest - BREAK CODE trousers

  • BREAK CODE Trousers - DROPS Vest

  • DROPS Vest - Removable POK4 Pocket - BREAK CODE Trousers

  • AIRFLARE down jacket

    The AIRFLARE down jacket is the best proof that modern style and great functionality do not conflict when it comes to workwear. The signature quilting and available color palette give the style new casual notes. The combination of polyamide on the outer layer of the product and recycled wadding combines resistance and protection.
    Its subtle design includes several pockets including a large back pocket. Ripstop fabric elbow reinforcements optimize the lifespan of the product.

  • Ripstop fabric reinforcement on the elbows for better resistance to friction

The TECH range is a disruptive concept that respects Lafont's DNA and affirms the brand's excellence from 1844 to the present day.

  • POWER MOVE Jeans & FREEZE Hoodie

    At the heart of the collection, the ultra-resistant polyamide fabric combines performance and ergonomics, offering greater abrasion resistance than cotton/polyester fabrics. With a look inspired by Lifestyle Wear, these work clothes will give you a modern look all day long.

  • POWER MOVE jeans

  • FREEZE Hoodie

  • POWER MOVE jeans

  • FREEZE Hoodie

  • CREW T-Shirt, BREAK Bermuda shorts

    For sunny days

    #Seasonality. Lafont clothing follows you in your daily professional life and adapts perfectly to changes in the weather. The BREAK Bermuda shorts and the CREW t-shirt are lightweight workwear designed for your comfort.

  • BREAK Bermuda shorts

  • BREAK Bermuda shorts - CREW T-shirt

  • BREAK Bermuda shorts - CREW T-shirt