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Meeting with

Simon Rogan

Restaurant L’Enclume, 3* in the Michelin Guide

A competitor forged by the love of cooking

Simon Rogan wanted to create a restaurant where he would have maximum control over the ingredients

When l'Enclume, now awarded 3* in the Michelin Guide, opened its doors in 2002, the objective was to master the greatest number of ingredients. So when the opportunity to own his own farm presented itself, Simon Rogan took it without hesitation. By growing his own produce, Simon Rogan can better understand and control the ingredients he uses, while aligning with the rhythm of the seasons in the Cartmel Valley.

Chef's word

Lafont is known for its quality workwear, so it was an obvious choice for me. I am happy to represent a brand that manufactures excellent clothing for the kitchen and the room. In our restaurant we strive for excellence at every level, including in team presentation, which makes our attire essential.

Simon Rogan

Over time, Simon's vision has become closely linked to the environmental issues facing our society

He began to see that agriculture and the way we approach it, without pesticides or fertilizers and focusing on small-scale, local production, is the future of sustainable agriculture and restoration. He hopes the future will only bring us closer to operating completely zero-waste restaurants, from healthier soil. He hopes to establish an educational platform for future generations and further develop the relationship between cuisine and culture. At The List's 2024 New Year Honors Simon Rogan was awarded an MBE for services to the food industry. In addition, that same year, it finished tied for first place in the top 1000 restaurants around the world (The list). Simon currently oversees 5 restaurants in the UK and 3 in Hong Kong.