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Pascal Barbot

Restaurant Astrance Paris

Taste collector

Anything related to vegetarianism and organic products was not allowed into the gastronomic sphere.

And yet, chefs such as Roger Verger in the 1970s, and a little later, Michel Bras with his vegetable garden, greened their menu with complete discretion. As we speak, there is no longer a restaurant in France and elsewhere that does not pride itself on a declared vocation for everything plant-based, that does not devote itself to vegetables as the new holy grail of gastronomy. – organic and local at that – even if it means going a little too much, it doesn’t matter, as long as it satisfies the palate of urban dwellers in search of nature. But there are other chefs, more discreet, who do not oversell the green label, like Pascal Barbot who has maintained an intimate relationship with nature since a young age. The seasons, the plant, the seed, the flower, the fruit, punctuate the chef's very personal cuisine.

Chef's word

For me, a piece of clothing must be part of you, you must feel confident with it, you must forget it like a second skin.

Pascal Barbot

Originally from Vichy, Pascal Barbot takes this intimate link to the land and the seasons from his childhood.

He completed the CAP, BEP and Bac Pro, before taking his first steps in Auvergne, in very simple restaurants, then in a buron converted into a restaurant in the Chaudefour Valley where he worked throughout his holidays. He ended up with a wonderful family where he learned local cooking, in the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes natural park in a protected reserve. It was there that he met his mentor, Éric Vallet, the park warden and above all a professional botanist. After the landscapes of Auvergne, he left for London and became a waiter in the restaurant Les Saveurs run by Joël Antunes, a MICHELIN star. There, Pascal Barbot discovered the hierarchy in cooking, and then haute cuisine, he who had only known local cuisine. Back in 1993, he joined Alain Passard at the bottom of the ladder and finished second in the kitchen five years later. Then, he left for Sydney for his first position as chef at the Ampersand restaurant, where he stayed for two years, before launching his own business, in Paris, with his former colleague at Arpège and accomplice Christophe Rohat. In 2019, L'Astrance moved and took up residence at Jamin, Joël Robuchon's historic restaurant.