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Meeting with

Nicolas Paciello

Pastry chef at CinqSens Paris pastry shop

Shared gluttony

Her cakes have the scent of childhood.

Your grandmother's spritzes that you dip in Viennese coffee, your mother's marbles, the Yule log, the pear cake, the vanilla cake, the travel cakes that exude the simplicity and pleasure of a moment of sharing. He saw his mother making cakes on weekends for the whole family – there were four children at home – and he regularly got his hands dirty, always working in the kitchen. Seeing his attraction to the subject, she gave him the spatula, then bought him a book to learn how to make cakes.

Chef's word

My style is friendly, homemade treats, big, generous cakes.

Nicolas Paciello

From a short one-week internship at the Christophe pastry shop in Forbach in Moselle at the age of 12, Nicolas knows what he wants to do.

With his certificate in hand, he completed the pastry CAP, the additional mention in confectionery and chocolate, the pastry chef BTM, all the ingredients come together to make him the perfect pastry chef. Christophe Greff, who had taken him under his wing for five years, pushed him out. Reluctantly, the young man looks for a job, and believe it or not, in three weeks he finds a job as a clerk at Fauchon through a dinner with his teacher. The young pastry chef is gaining ground and joining the big houses at lightning speed. At the Crillon as sous chef to Jérôme Chaucesse, then assistant to Benoît Couvrand in Cyril Lignac's pastry shop. For his first position as pastry chef, he opened the restaurant La Réserve with chef Jérôme Banctel, with two MICHELIN stars in his sights. Bet won. He signed with Fouquet's in 2019 and led the launch of his company Cinq Sens, in partnership with William Assouline, his partner.