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Meeting with

Gareth Ward

Restaurant Ynyshir, 2* in the Michelin Guide

Japanese rigor combined with Welsh enthusiasm

Gareth Ward is inspired by the ingredients he has access to locally and his incredible team.

Now that he owns his own restaurant, he has the freedom to do whatever he wants! In 2023, it won the prize for best restaurant with hotel rooms awarded at the AA Hospitality Awards.

Chef's word

The cuisine we offer was becoming more and more refined and we needed outfits that reflected this evolution. We wanted clothes that were elegant and simple, but also casual to keep the team comfortable. Lafont emerged as the obvious choice to meet our expectations.

Gareth Ward

Gareth started working in restaurants at the age of 16.

It was when his uncle assured him that he would always find work in the restaurant industry that he decided to enter a kitchen. His first contract in a restaurant called Seven Stars gave him a taste for this wonderful profession!
Gareth then worked in several prestigious restaurants. At Hambleton Hall he learned the military precision that a kitchen should have and it completely changed his approach to the profession. After working in a Michelin-starred restaurant, he could no longer imagine coming back to earth.