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The Coet-MOF naturally chose Lafont to dress the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France.

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The best of Lafont know-how

By becoming a partner of this prestigious COET MOF exam, the Lafont company, strongly involved in the world of craftsmanship since its origins, reaffirms the values ​​that have made it successful: the taste for a job well done, the requirement, the beauty of gesture, transmission, excellence of French manual work.

On the occasion of the medal ceremony which took place on June 20, 2023 for the 27th “Albert Lebrun” promotion, the best workers in their field were presented with their diploma and medal in LAFONT uniform with the tricolor collar.

  • Edward Caparros

    MOF Automotive Painting Bodywork in Perpignan

    Edouard Caparros, son of a winemaker, has been passionate about classic cars since a young age: he restores them in order to bring them back to life. For him, his profession is a true vocation which he exercises while always keeping in mind the word "perfection" when exercising his know-how.

  • Franck Putelat

    MOF Chef in Carcassonne

    It is in his native Jura that Franck Putelat drew his work force and his freedom to undertake. He will learn to master his classics from great chefs, like Georges Blanc and Philippe Legendre who will lead him to his first Michelin star. He then won a Bocuse d'Argent at the World Cuisine Competition in 2003.

  • Isabelle Brethomé

    MOF Florist in Les Sables d'Olonne

    It was in the city of Le Mans that Isabelle, then aged 14, obtained her CAP, then her BP and her master's degree. Isabelle held the reins of several boutiques before becoming a trainer. Multiplying her awards, her talent was quickly recognized and she became the only Master Artisan Florist in Vendée.

  • Leo Capuccio

    MOF Stonemason in Bar-Le-Duc

    Léo Cappuccio develops a passion for stone and decides to learn how to enhance it. He began learning his art with a CAP and was rewarded for his efforts with the title of Best Apprentice in France in 2011, then the title of Best Worker in France in 2019.

It is a great recognition for the brand which thus reaffirms its attachment to the excellence of French craftsmanship and it is with pride that our colors will accompany these great professionals. We are happy to be able to dress the best in each category rewarded by the MOF exam. The Best Workers in France will be the ambassadors of the brand!

Alexandra Avram

Lafont Brand Manager

  • Jacky Keiff

    MOF Art locksmith in Ingwiller

    Jacky Keiff is a craftsman specializing in artistic locksmithing, a enthusiast who does not count his hours. He spent nearly 950 hours in his workshop creating an exceptional lock which allowed him to win the medal for best worker in France in the “metalwork-locksmithing” category.

  • Jacob Fayolle

    MOF Upholsterer in Cassel

    Master upholsterer or the art of sublimating, recreating and transforming with your hands. A genetic passion in the Fayolle family whose father, eldest son, daughter and Jacob Fayolle (in the photo) are all Meilleurs Ouvriers de France in the upholsterer category.

  • Magali Bauchy

    MOF Stained glass restoration in Saint Martin

    Trained at the Beaux-Arts in Quimper, and at the Boulle school, Magali Bauchy began by working in fine jewelry, up to the jewelry used for Chanel haute couture. Attracted for a time by mother-of-pearl, she even went to live for a year in Polynesia. At the end of her apprenticeship, she won the title of Best Worker in France.

  • Pierre Claverie

    MOF Carpentry in Bordeaux

    Juggling between his role as teacher and trainer of the Pôle Bois of the Philomantique school of Bordeaux, Pierre Claverie ensures the sharing of the know-how of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, a title obtained in 2015 in the region.

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