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New collection

Health Well-being 2024

Explore our brand new workwear collection dedicated to the Health and Wellness sector. Designed to meet the demands of healthcare professionals, our collection is available in three distinct ranges: Tech, Essentials + and Essentials. Each piece is designed like a second skin, embodying innovation and absolute comfort.

Tech range

Discover our latest Tech range, a bold fusion of modern elegance and the calming influences of Asia. Designed for medical, health and wellness professionals, this advanced range embodies the essence of comfort and functionality. With evocative colors, from camel evoking the warmth of light wood to deeply chic black, including dazzling white and navy with abysmal shades, they are perfect for establishments that want to stand out with their image.

Product benefits

  • Technical, modern and high-end professional clothing,
  • Structured and graphic lines with gentle Asian inspirations,
  • High quality EOL stretch material for optimal freedom of movement,
  • 100% Positive Impact: exclusively European fabrics, recycled materials, fewer supplies and no superfluous linings,
  • Subtle color contrasts thanks to the asymmetrical neckline and contrasting lapels,
  • Embroidered ventilation eyelets under the arms, chest badge holder and hanger.
  • PASSION tunic, HALTA tunic & PASSIONNATO tunic

    • Invites you to the inspiring world of well-being and relaxation,
    • Soft and durable material in recycled polyester, cotton and elastolefin,
    • Slightly fitted cut,
    • Large mesh panel for back comfort,
    • Comfort pleat in the middle of the back,
    • Refined details: notched neck, contrasting lapels and asymmetrical neckline,
    • Harmonious opposition of colors.
  • PASSION tunic - Back

  • HALTA tunic

  • PASSION tunic - Neck detail


  • SOUPLESSE tunic, SAGESSE blouse & DELASSE tunic

    • Sober and reassuring design,
    • Soft and durable material in recycled polyester, cotton and elastolefin,
    • Slightly fitted cut,
    • Subtle contrasting cuffs on the bottom of the sleeve,
    • Asymmetrical neckline,
    • Roll-up sleeves for the SAGESSE Blouse,
    • The SOUPLESSE tunic and the SAGESSE blouse are available in 4 colors,
    • The DELASSE men's tunic is available in 3 colors.
  • SOUPLESSE tunic

  • SAGESSE blouse

  • DELASSE tunic

  • Women's Pants SOURCE

    • Our flagship hyper-functional pants,
    • 7/8 pants cut,
    • Flat “moisture transfer” elasticated waistband at the front and back for a sober and comfortable style,
    • Wide mesh panel along the entire leg length.

Essentials + range

Discover our latest Essentials + range, specially designed to meet the evolving needs of health and well-being professionals. Ideal for paramedical professions (physiotherapists, osteopaths, reflexologists, etc.), the pharmaceutical field, aesthetics, communities, veterinarians and other moving professions. This range is differentiated by refined shapes and refined details which offer unparalleled freedom of movement.

Product benefits

  • Clean lines and balanced color palette,
  • Features and modern look: notched bottom sleeves, neckline and high side slits,
  • Innovative and stretch materials,
  • Subtle color contrasts thanks to the asymmetrical neckline and contrasting lapels, flaps or piped pockets,
  • Embroidered ventilation eyelets under the arms, chest badge holder and hanger.
  • HARMONY tunic, EMOTION tunic, SOFT pants & VIBES T-shirt.

    Our knitted clothing

    • Ultra comfortable sportswear silhouettes,
    • HARMONY and EMOTION zipped tunics with an innovative design,
    • SOFT pants in jogg-pant style with belt and stretchy lower leg in the back,
    • VIBES unisex t-shirt with fabric from France,
    • Perfect breathability,
    • Moisture transfer,
    • Easy Care technology: material that dries quickly and is wrinkle-free,
    • Double knit stretch mesh material: a cotton fiber against the skin, a polyester fiber on the outside,
    • Offers a feeling of unlimited comfort and freedom of movement.
  • VIBES t-shirt

  • HARMONY tunic

  • HARMONY tunic

  • EMOTION tunic

  • VIBES t-shirt

  • RELAXATION tunic, ELEGANT blouse & RELAXATION tunic

    Our clothing in warp and weft fabrics

    • Chic and refined sportswear silhouettes,
    • #PositiveImpact certified clothing,
    • Innovative, soft and resistant material: European weaving, recycled polyester combined with top elastomer: Elastolefin returns to its original shape constantly, thus resisting wear, heat and the passage of time, without deform,
    • The ELÉGANTE Blouse has a large mesh yoke in the back and a waist adjustment using a tightening tab for optimal mobility.
  • RELAXATION tunic

  • DETEND tunic

  • ELEGANT blouse

  • ELEGANT blouse - Back detail

Essentials range

Discover our Essentials range, professional clothing designed to meet the essential needs of healthcare establishments and medical practices. Complete and versatile, it offers models such as tunics, blouses, chasubles, pants and a hallway pass, to effectively equip your staff. With a wide range of colors, this range is perfectly suited to the medical, support and community sectors, like a second skin at the service of your profession.

Product benefits

  • Mechanical stretch material 65% polyester 35% cotton 170 g/m² offers optimal working comfort due to its fiber elasticity capabilities,
  • Depth of range in terms of colors and models,
  • Suitable for industrial maintenance,
  • Welt pockets: for hygiene reasons and to prevent the loss of utensils,
  • Princess cut for a more modern and fitted look,
  • A unisex HOPE tunic, t-shirt style that is pulled over the head,
  • For use in medical offices and healthcare establishments.
  • ZEN tunic, RELAX blouse, CALME tunic, AIR tunic, WIND blouse, HOPE tunic, DOUCE chasuble, MÉLISSE pants & CARESSE pants

    • RELAX women's and WIND men's blouses with adjustable sleeves,
    • Side adjustment tabs for the DOUCE chasuble,
    • Badge holder loop on chest,
    • CARESSE pants:
      - Elasticated waist at the back coupled with a flat belt at the front for a better fit when worn,
      - Lower leg adjustable by pressure to 3 distinct length positions to adapt to all body shapes.
  • AIR tunic - RELAX blouse

  • CALM tunic

  • HOPE tunic

  • SWEET Chasuble

  • WIND blouse

  • ZEN tunic

  • CARESSE pants

  • JOIE hallway pass-through

    Very sweet novelty

    • Ultra-soft quality,
    • Material 100% polyester Made In France,
    • Warm and easy-to-maintain jacket,
    • Princess cutouts, fitted jacket with marked waist,
    • Teddy collar with fairly open neckline,
    • Reinforced twill material in the pockets,
    • Professional & sporty look.

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