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Meeting with

Hervé Mons

MONS cheese factory

Happiness is in the cellar

Excellence of gesture rather than honors.

Hervé Mons says he belongs to the large community of artisans and workers, that of carpenters, stonecutters, boilermakers. This native of the country, always decked out in his cap and with a big smile on his lips, is a past master in terms of refining. The whole art of maturing is to mature the cheese while retaining a melting and creamy texture, and therefore aromatic in short, the basis for the pleasure of tasting.

Chef's word

Lafont symbolizes the professions in the philosophy of companionship or MOF, the rigor, the way of being which means that everything must shine through on us without being seen.

Hervé Mons

When he decided to follow in the footsteps of his father Hubert in 1983, Hervé Mons opened his first store in the Halles Diderot somewhat by instinct.

His years in Paris in contact with the greatest, Jacques Vernier his mentor, Christian Cantin, Pierre Androuët, and the discovery of the incredible Rungis market opened up new horizons and an appetite for entrepreneurship. The cheesemaker decides to settle in Saint-Haon-le-Châtel to develop his business. The period is favorable, local products are being exported to reach new customers, even as far as Asia. He finds the best cheeses to get off the beaten track, building up a network of 137 hand-picked producers. After having traveled the four corners of the globe, he decided to refocus on his native land. He acquired the Hautes-Chaumes cheese dairy, based in Sauvain, known for its fourme de Montbrison with AOP organic raw milk. Hervé Mons thus returns to his first love, manufacturing.