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Meeting with

Hrishikesh Desai

FARLAM HALL Restaurant

A brilliant and ambitious globetrotter

From service to cooking, the unexpected journey of a chef

Hrishikesh was not destined to become a chef. He began by studying hotel management in India, preparing to work in service. He then obtained a scholarship to join the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France. However, everything changed when he first saw that you could caramelize the sugar in a crème brûlée with a blowtorch. This moment was the turning point for Hrishikesh, which led him to take a culinary arts course at the Paul Bocuse Institute. Through this training, he gained experience in a Michelin-starred restaurant, paving the way for his now renowned career as a chef.

Chef's word

With so many great chefs in the UK, it is an honor to be chosen as an ambassador for such a prestigious company as Lafont. I like the design of the jackets: they are both simple and elegant. It's like in cooking, where simplicity can sometimes be tastier than complex dishes.

Hrishikesh Desai

Hrishikesh finds inspiration in his travel memories across India

Each region he traveled as a child had its own culinary traditions, and today he uses those experiences to bring his creations to life. When he concocts new dishes, he draws on these memories to bring a unique touch to what he offers his customers. His cooking style involves subtly blending Indian influences with classic English dishes, creating a combination that is both familiar and exotic.