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Official partner of
Michelin Guide

The high-end workwear specialist Lafont becomes a global partner of the MICHELIN Guide.

Are you distinguished by the Michelin Guide and would you like to personalize your chef jacket?

A family story

The Excellence of Lafont Know-How

Love of “doing well”, beauty of gesture, transmission and excellence of French manual work, by becoming the equipment supplier for the MICHELIN Guide restaurant teams, Lafont reaffirms the values ​​that have been its own since its creation in 1844. Faithful to its artisanal model since the creation of overalls in Villefranche-sur-Saône by Adolphe Lafont, the brand does not forget to develop and innovate to dress professionals with style and technicality.

Whether they are stonemasons, coachbuilders, cheesemakers or upholsterers and of course, chefs, through clothing, Lafont offers these traditional workers new areas of expression.

What could be more natural, then, than to join forces with another French family business serving excellence?

Created in 1900 by the two pneumatic brothers of the same name, the MICHELIN Guide is today the international reference for the selection of quality restaurants. With Lafont, he shares a taste for passion, know-how, determination, surpassing oneself and creation. A certain artisanal French touch, in short.
Building on these common pillars, the MICHELIN Guide and Lafont are joining forces today to enhance and enhance the work of the best chefs in the world.