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Meeting with

Lorna McNee

Restaurant Cail Bruich, 1* in the Michelin Guide

A precocious talent, sprinkled with audacity

The rising star of the British gastronomic scene

His journey shows that sometimes, unexpected detours can lead to success. Although she dreamed of becoming a photographer, a combination of circumstances led her to a kitchen. Over time her passion grew and in just ten years she rose from commis to sous chef in one of Scotland's most renowned restaurants. His creativity and expertise have earned him great recognition. His favorite ingredient, local Scottish langoustine, has become a signature in his dishes, showcasing his roots while exploring new flavors.

Chef's word

As a Michelin partner, Lafont embodies the high standards of starred restaurants. Their jackets are fantastic, very comfortable and professional. I never leave mine anymore. It's a nice brand, with nice people, which fits perfectly with my way of building relationships.

Lorna McNee

Her first two weeks at Claridge's Gordon Ramsay launched Lorna's culinary career

After 12 years at Andrew Fairlie Restaurant in Gleneagles, where she rose to sous chef, and winning Scottish National Chef of the Year in 2017, Lorna won the Great British Menu series in 2019. She joined Cail Bruich in 2020 and achieved its first Michelin star in 2021. It was the first new MICHELIN star restaurant in Glasgow for 18 years. In 2023 it surpasses itself again, winning the prize for best Scottish restaurant of the year 2023, awarded by the AA Hospitality Awards.