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The legacy of overalls

L'héritage du bleu de travail

Generations of journeymen and artisans have worn Lafont's blue Moleskine jacket

Lafont claims authorship of the indigo blue moleskine cotton jacket, designed to be washed and last indefinitely. This basic that all workers knew and magnificently worn by Jean Gabin in the film The Human Beast, became widespread at the end of the 19th century in the automobile industry and in coal factories. The main qualities of the jacket are that it is comfortable, strong and easy to wash, resistant to flames, burns, snags, soot, etc. In addition, it is equipped with tool storage pockets. Among the Compagnons du Tour de France and du Devoir, no one is unaware of the Lafont overalls, whose patterns, jealously preserved in the Lyonnais workshops, are reproduced identically.

Pioneer of overalls, overalls and carpenter's pants, Lafont has inscribed its label in the history of professional clothing

Born in 1844 in Lyon under the impetus of the European industrial boom of the 19th century, Lafont has survived the ages without a wrinkle and remains to this day the most beautiful house of utility clothing. It all started with the design of clothing for the carpenters or stonemasons of the Tour de France companions, we had to supply the growing demand for practical, resistant and functional clothing. This is how Mr. Lafont invented work overalls without realizing that they would last through generations. He immediately designed the first carpenter's pants with technical innovations that made them successful, pockets for storing tools, soft and durable cotton, easy maintenance. Then, he designed and popularized the “largeot”, work pants of different colors depending on the trade of journeyman craftsmen: black for carpenters and roofers, brown for carpenters, beige for stonemasons… It is also in the Lyon workshops of Lafont, the famous solidly made overalls with their ruler pocket were born, concealing the subtleties of well-thought-out patterning. This cult item of clothing has traveled the world and remains a must-have.

Lafont has created a real industry, that of textiles for professionals

Lafont is the French leader in multi-sector professional clothing, ranging from construction to arts and crafts, industry, cooking, hospitality and catering (CHR) and health. Its unique know-how, its industrial perspective, its technical expertise and its style have allowed it to always be at the forefront. Integrated into the CEPOVETT family group since 2016, Lafont is writing a new page in its history by reaffirming its positioning as a high-end, multi-specialist brand capable of providing an innovative and global response to users.