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Meeting with

Guy Lassausaie

Gourmet restaurant Guy Lassausaie

The guardian of the temple

Chef Guy Lassausaie's cooking style draws its roots from French bourgeois cuisine while allowing himself some sideways paths and an assumed creativity.

There we find the taste of yesteryear which takes on its full meaning in this former coaching inn, purchased by his great-grandparents in 1906 to delight Lyon's gourmets, these rich silk workers who owned properties in Chasselay, considered to be the Versailles of Lyon.

Chef's word

My meeting with Lafont is a very old story because this company is located right next to us. This is the original basin of the brand. With Lafont, I find the framework of historical professional clothing, we don't go for unstructured things, exactly like in the kitchen.

Guy Lassausaie

The Guy Lassausaie restaurant was frequented by renowned gastronomic critics like Curnonsky.

This stronghold of Rhône-Alpine gastronomy cannot change. In 1984, the chef took over the restaurant after having done a warm-up tour with the greats, Fernand Point, Lucien Ogier, Christian Bourillot and at the Oasis (La Napoule). In 1993, he obtained the diploma of Meilleur Ouvrier de France, undoubtedly the most important distinction in his eyes because it reflects know-how, craftsmanship, work, sustainability, roots, while the MICHELIN stars , “it comes and goes, without us really understanding why. » A first macaroon in 1993 and a second, fifteen years later, placed him at the forefront of the gastronomic scene. Its best reward is to delight its won over customers, faithful to authentic, almost pastoral cuisine, far from fashion.