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Meeting with

Morgane Raimbaud

Pastry chef at the Alliance restaurant, 1* in the Michelin Guide

Performing pastry chef

Of a “salty tooth” nature

She campaigns in favor of de-sugaring and responsible baking, by seeking natural sugar where it is found, in fruits, and more particularly in citrus fruits of which she is a big fan, for their hint of bitterness, their acidity, their very invigorating sweet flavors which jostle in the mouth and which you have to know how to tame. An art in which she excels!

Chef's word

Lafont products are very comfortable to wear and approximate the elegance found on the plate.

Morgane Raimbaud

Born in Colombes in the Paris region, Morgane wants to have her own restaurant when she grows up.

It was no surprise to anyone when we saw her preparing for a technological baccalaureate at the age of 15. Three years during which she covered all the subjects: cooking, service, accommodation, very little baking in the end. The young girl wants to know everything about managing a restaurant and immediately enrolls in a BTS in Hospitality and Catering. For her first position, she joined the Shangri-La, as a clerk in the tea-time and brasserie department, then, a few months later, at the two MICHELIN star restaurant, L'Abeille, where she quickly progressed as a demi-chef. portion. She stayed there for two years, before being recruited by the pair Shawn Joyeux and chef Toshitaka Omiya, co-directors of the Alliance restaurant, which is aiming for a second MICHELIN star. At the end of the ten-course tasting menu, the dessert must hold its place without being too much. A real challenge for Morgane Raimbaud who must find ideas for desserts “that stand out on their own, light, refreshing, very fruity”.