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Is 100% cotton possible for work clothing?

Le 100% coton est-il possible pour un vêtement de travail ?

Whether you are a construction tradesman or a star chef, your professional outfit accompanies you every day. Its material must be comfortable and adapted to your job. Some people cannot tolerate polyester or synthetic fibers for their work clothing. This may be due to an allergy, an intolerance or simply by choice, because this type of textile does not always regulate perspiration sufficiently. In this case, it is entirely possible to find cotton work clothing, because yes, it exists!

The advantages and disadvantages of cotton work clothing

Cotton is a very pleasant fabric to wear. It is flexible because its fibers are naturally elastic. It is permeable and therefore breathable. It is a premium fabric and no one can be allergic to it. On the other hand, you may be sensitive to fabric friction or intolerant to the dye. If cotton is so fabulous, why isn't it omnipresent in stores dedicated to selling professional clothing?
100% cotton work clothing nevertheless has some disadvantages, particularly for medical clothing. Cotton is a thick fabric that takes time to dry, especially when there are pockets. So when it is necessary to wash a nurse's tunic or a doctor's coat every day, this can prove problematic for professionals who already have very busy days! Cotton, on the other hand, benefits from strong resistance to intensive washing and high temperatures. But it is a fabric more suited to other sectors of activity than medical clothing. If you work in the hospital or medical environment, choose professional clothing in polyester cotton, or even better, in Tencel.

Professional clothing in moleskin, this fabulous water-repellent cotton

Do you know moleskin? It is a very tightly woven cotton canvas, covered with a coating which gives it water-repellent and windproof properties. A kind of super-cotton perfectly suited to work clothing for the construction and industrial sectors.
The weaving of cotton is essential for quality professional work clothing. This is what makes the garment resistant to tears, abrasion or cold. As the wind does not find any fault to rush through, this also increases the thermal comfort of craftsmen working outdoors.
Whether it's a moleskin jacket or wide-leg velvet pants, your work clothes must be carefully made to accompany you throughout the day. They perfectly complement your personal protective equipment (PPE): safety shoes, earmuffs, etc. Comfortable, hypoallergenic and durable, moleskine cotton clothing has always been used by professionals.

Wide-leg pants, an example of clothing in moleskine fabric

Among the most popular 100% cotton work clothes, we find the famous wideot carpenter pants. These are historic cotton work pants, very popular with woodworkers. It was created by Lafont and has evolved to meet the current needs of building professionals. It comes in denim, velvet or moleskin. The latter being more resistant to stains and lighter than the other two.
There are two types of wideot pants: the French version and the German version. They are distinguished by their cut. The French Adolphe Lafont wideot pants have a higher waist. It is flared at the thighs and crotch, tightened at the ankles to prevent tripping. The German wideot pants are more fitted at the thighs and looser at the ankles. It also includes a large zipped side pocket that serves as a tool holder.
Moleskin is a 100% cotton fabric which is used in many other professional clothing: work overalls, workshop jackets, bib overalls, and of course the timeless overalls!

Other types of cotton work clothing

Denim and velvet are also cotton textiles suitable for certain work environments. These are good alternatives to polycotton.
Jeans, also called denim, are very durable. It is an ideal textile for a 100% cotton kitchen jacket. For greater flexibility, it sometimes contains elastane. If you often have to bend down or work on your knees, this is the most comfortable solution. Jeans are not suitable for all professions, but they are a very popular textile among hotel and catering professionals.
Velvet is a 100% cotton fabric that is very effective against the cold. But if you work in an area where liquid splashes are common, be aware that it is neither waterproof nor water-repellent. Velvet is a cotton textile that still gives you a certain allure.

Choose the professional work clothing that suits you!

Beyond the choice of fabric, opt for work clothing adapted to your professional activity. Choose multi-pocket clothing for greater functionality. If you work outdoors, complete your work outfit with warm clothing such as a softshell or parka to protect you from bad weather. But don't forget, whether for a cotton t-shirt, a work blouse or kitchen pants, focus on the quality of construction and the choice of materials.