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Kitchen 2024

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Prestige range

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  • CARAT apron

    Discover the new CARAT Apron, designed to enhance your professional outfit with elegance and modernity. This long apron, perfectly coordinated with the CRISTAL Jacket, is the ideal ally for your performances.

    • The elegant asymmetry at the bottom of the apron brings a contemporary and unique touch, highlighting an avant-garde style.
    • Its long cut offers optimal protection while guaranteeing a refined and elegant silhouette.
  • CARAT apron

  • STAR pants

  • VIKI pants and NIKO pants

    Discover the new VIKI and NIKO Pants, designed to offer optimal comfort and elegant aesthetics while respecting the environment. Respectively in women's and men's versions, these pants are made from recycled polyester tensel, combining durability and style.

    • The “Easy hem” system facilitates adjustments for the perfect length.
    • These pants can be worn with a CRISTAL or CANOPEE jacket, thus offering great style flexibility.
    • The adjustable tab on the side ensures optimal fit and personalized comfort.
  • VIKI pants

  • NIKO pants

  • HEMERA pants

  • GRENADIN apron

    Discover the GRENADIN Apron, a 2 in 1 apron designed to combine functionality and respect for the environment. This innovative apron adapts to your needs thanks to its multiple configurations and its ecological materials.

    • Use it as an apron with bib or as a low apron depending on your preferences and needs of the moment.
    • The strap slider allows for an adjustable neck circumference for a personalized fit and optimal comfort.
    • Equipped with a large front pocket, this apron offers generous storage space for your tools and accessories.
    • Made from 33% recycled cotton fibers from the textile industry, this apron contributes to the reduction of waste and the preservation of natural resources.
  • Life Cycle and Eco-Responsibility:

    At Lafont, we are committed to extending the life of our products while respecting the environment. Once your establishment has finished using these outfits, you can return them to our textile box. Our weaving partners will destroy the fibers to extract the cotton, 33% of which we will reuse to make new recycled cotton aprons.

    By choosing the Grenadin Apron, you are making a concrete gesture for the environment while benefiting from a high quality and versatile product.

    Opt for the Grenadin Apron from Lafont and combine practicality, comfort and eco-responsibility in your daily professional life.

  • GRENADIN apron

  • SPANNER pants

Essentials + range

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  • LEMONGRASS2 Jacket, NUTMEG2 Jacket & MARJORAM Jacket

    Elegance and Modernity

    • Mesh Ribbed Band: Located in the back, this band offers increased extensibility, allowing great freedom of movement.
    • A Double Tier collar which offers a refined look and is very pleasant to wear.
    • Mesh inserts on the shoulders and bottom of the sleeves which add a sporty feel.
    • An integrated apron holder in the back, at the neckline.
    • A crossed opening at the front makes it easier to put on and take off the jacket, for LEMONGRASS2 and NUTMEG2 jackets.
  • NUTMEG2 jacket

  • LEMONGRASS2 jacket

  • PICKLE apron

    Discover the PICKLE Apron, specially designed for demanding sommeliers looking for style, comfort and functionality. This black apron, elegant and practical, is the ideal ally to enhance your room service.

    • Neck strap with adjustment buckle for a personalized fit and optimal comfort.
    • Featuring a central pocket, a tea towel pocket and two compartmentalized pockets on the front, this apron offers generous storage space for your accessories and work tools.
    • Made from heavy enough canvas to ensure durability and strength while maintaining a professional appearance.
    • An integrated comfort slot for easy movement and walking comfortably.
  • PICKLE apron

  • PUPIL pants

  • PROCA OPTIC & Cotte Suit

  • GINGER Apron, WOK PI Apron, GOMBO Jacket & FAVA Jacket

    New color for this set of products, available in Chinese Blue, Khaki and Beige!

    • The GINGER apron is distinguished by a V-neck cut with contrasting straps and pocket, combining functionality and elegance.
    • The WOK PI apron, with its wrap cut and contrasting straps, offers stylish and practical partial coverage.
    • The GOMBO and FAVA kitchen jackets, designed for comfort and functionality, feature a pocket on the upper sleeve, extra flat press studs and a stand collar. A small tab on the back allows you to attach the GINGER apron, avoiding friction. These 2 models are available in long sleeve and short sleeve versions.
  • GINGER apron

  • WOK PI apron

  • GOMBO jacket

Essentials range

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  • CARDAMOM2 Jacket & CHIVES2 Jacket

    Ideal for Representations and Media

    • These jackets are the result of a complete makeover, creating a hybrid shirt perfect for show managers.
    • The bib is made of warp and weft fabric, offering a sophisticated and professional look.
    • Mesh back and sleeves ensure optimal comfort and exceptional breathability.
    • The only jacket model with a turn-down collar, offering an elegant and unique overshirt effect.
    • Available in Black, White and the new Midnight Blue color.

  • CHIVES2 jacket

  • CHIVES2 jacket

  • PEPPER jacket Short sleeve

  • WOK apron, OGONORI apron, PRALIN pants & PRALINE pants

    • The WOK Apron is an essential accessory for cooking and service professionals. This wrap apron can be worn asymmetrically or straight, providing unparalleled stylistic versatility. It has a comfort slit on the front of the thigh for optimal freedom of movement and is available in two sizes with two adjustment positions. The apron is also equipped with a practical pocket and a cloth loop, making it perfect for use in the kitchen as well as in the dining room.
    • The OGONORI apron is an innovative 2 in 1 model, which can be worn with or without a bib. It offers uncompromising adaptability thanks to its adjustable strap which passes through a sliding tunnel around the neck. This apron without metalization and without zip is designed with an eco-responsible perspective.
    • The PRALIN / PRALINE pants are distinguished by their ready-to-wear appearance. With houndstooth and Black/Beige patterns, it offers a chic and sober aesthetic. These functional pants feature back pockets, a hidden snap on the placket and a belt loop. It features a 3cm easy hem for a perfect fit.
  • WOK Apron

  • OGONORI apron

  • PRALIN pants

  • BASIL2 Jacket & PEPPER2 Jacket

    Redesigned to offer more style, comfort and functionality.

    • The models have been redesigned for a more modern and elegant look, while retaining the comfort and practicality of previous versions.
    • The jackets incorporate mesh panels on the sides and under the sleeves, providing increased stretch and breathability.
    • The sleeves have been adjusted for a better fit, allowing the sleeves to be easily rolled up over the arms and forearms.
    • The chest pocket is located at the top of the sleeve, thus avoiding any discomfort on the bust.
    • Available in three colors: White, Black and the new Beige color.

  • BASIL2 jacket

  • PEPPER2 jacket

  • PEPPER jacket Short sleeve

  • CASHEW apron

    The CASHEW multi-pocket apron adapts to different work environments, whether in bistronomy or for craftsmen in various professions

    • Can be worn asymmetrically on the side, providing freedom of movement and modern style.
    • Pair with beige chinos and a checked shirt for a professional and fashionable look.
    • Offers organized storage and easy access to your tools and accessories
  • WOK Apron

  • OGONORI apron

  • PRALIN pants

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