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180 years of history.

Faithful to its values ​​for more than a century and a half while being on the lookout for innovations, the Lafont brand, inventor of the first carpenter's pants and the famous overalls, is still a leader in the professional clothing market with a reputation without equal.


Louis Lafont, Adolphe's grandfather and Pyrenean peddler, decided to open a store in Lyon, having seen the potential of the fabric trade stimulated by the flourishing silk trade. After marrying a Caladoise woman, he settled permanently at 25 Grande Rue de la Guillotière in Lyon. His son will take over the operation of the store, adding a tailor's workshop to complete the department of fabrics and ready-made clothing.


Adolphe Lafont takes over the reins of the family store with great ambitions. Noting the success of the clothes made in the workshop and probably wishing to dissuade competition, he decided to register the name “Adolphe Lafont” in 1896 and to create easily recognizable labels.

Thus, he established the first work clothing brand registered in France.

The workers are satisfied with the clothes I sell them, if I put my name on it, they would remember me.

Adolphe Lafont

1870 - 1952


It was at this time that he began making his first velvet pants, inspired by an idea from his maternal grandfather. Without a sewing machine, he must make them by hand. Faced with a lack of space, he decided to approach banks and, in 1904, purchased land in the Monplaisir district of Lyon to build a factory, thus replacing the first workshop located next to the store.


The reputation of Lafont clothing is established, but Adolphe Lafont is not satisfied with it. A new project catches his attention. Although the fabrics purchased, from various regions, are of very good quality, he wants to offer workers the best clothing at a fair price. To do this, he must internalize the dyeing and handling of fabrics, as well as spin the cotton himself.

In 1911, he achieved his objective by acquiring a dyeing and finishing factory in Villeurbanne which he operated until 1925.


As the factory became too cramped, he acquired 5,000 m² of land adjacent to the existing factory to facilitate transport. Despite the difficulties of installing such a factory in the region, he is not stopping there. In 1919, he bought a 20,000 m² plot of land in Villeurbanne and built a 6,000 m² factory there, capable of accommodating 400 looms.

He then transformed what was a company in its own name into an SCA.

Lafont, over the years

  • 1997

    The André group sells Adolphe Lafont to the Dutch company KLM Kleding.

  • 2000

    KLM Kleding is absorbed by the Danish group Kansas Wenaas.

  • 2003

    The Kansas Wenaas group changes its name to Kwintet.


Lafont was bought in 2016 by the Cepovett family group, based in Gleizé, very close to the brand's headquarters. This acquisition could not come at a better time, because Cepovett, a European leader in work clothing, is joining forces with a premium brand for which it has great ambitions.

“By taking over the brand in 2016, we were keen to protect this know-how and promote the historic aura of Lafont, which benefits from a strong image among craftsmen and SMEs. Our objective is to strengthen the capital of the brand with a premium positioning, complementary to that of Cepovett Safety".

Gaël Vanneuville & Nicolas Sandjian