Work pants: how to choose them?

Depending on your job, you need to wear work pants that meet your needs. Whether it’s comfort, technicality or visibility, your daily environment requires you to be comfortable and confident with your equipment. For this reason, Lafont lists a range of professional pants specific to each sector of activity.

Safety, a determining factor in the choice of work pants

Because worker safety is our priority, we have designed ranges dedicated to high-risk environments.

The high resistance pants

Some professional pants are designed to resist superficial mechanical aggressions, such as traction, abrasion, tears. Often equipped with all-plastic haberdashery, they also protect against the risks of electrical conduction. For professionals in the industry, there is an essential model of Lafont work pants. BASALTE is available in 9 colors and 2 fabrics (cotton/polyester and polyester/cotton), it is a mix between protection and comfort.

BASALTE work pants by Lafont

Standardized pants

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) protects against risks associated with certain activities. The difficulty is to find PPE work pants that meet current standards and yet offer maximum comfort

High visibility pants

Some work conditions require the professional to wear clothing and accessories with fluorescent and retro-reflective surfaces, to make him/her visible in all light conditions during the day (fluorescent materials) and at night (self-reflective strips). This is the case, for example, for certain airport employees, public and private transport companies, waste recovery and disposal companies, etc.

IRIS work pants by Lafont

Multirisk pants

Mechanical, chemical or thermal risks require equipment that is adapted and strictly complies with the standards in force and the constraints of each profession. Depending on your business, there are materials that meet your needs. The Protect 2.0 range Lafont uses the innovative TECHS ALEXANDRA 300® fabric, which contains 65% Lenzing FR® fiber. This fiber made from wood pulp is a flame retardant. Lafont’sAETIUS and ARMINIUS multirisk pants made with this fabric also have an ergonomic pattern with preformed knees and a comfort panel in the crotch.

There are also specific pants, such as anti-acid pants, protective clothing against electrostatic phenomena, professional clothing against the thermal dangers of an electric arc.

AETIUS work pants by Lafont

When the work pants must be functional

Ergonomics to fight against occupational diseases

To create coherence between work clothing and people, Lafont has observed and listened to users and has developed ergonomic pants. New patterns and innovative fabrics ensure comfort, safety and efficiency in the workplace, regardless of posture and environment. The NOTOS jeans, inspired by extreme sports, meet very strict criteria. Made of Cordura® stretch fabric, it allows a greater range of motion. But it also has a back support and preformed knees, among others.

Work jeans NOTOS of the brand Lafont

Comfort for more ease

Ensuring comfort and ease of use on a daily basis is also the ambition of work pants. The comfort panel in the crotch of the RULER professional pants , as well as its elasticated waist, ensure maximum comfort to its user. Ideal for professionals who have to kneel, it is flexible and comfortable. To ensure maximum robustness, Cordura® reinforcements are positioned at the entrance of the pockets and at the level of the knees. Particular attention has been paid to the design, with the aim of offering professionals ergonomic, functional work pants, whose look represents a vehicle for company promotion.

RULER work pants by Lafont

Choose your professional pants according to the weather

When working outdoors, make sure you have work clothes that are appropriate for each climate.

The rain pants

The professional rain pants, specific to bad weather, must imperatively be waterproof. The advantage of a 100% polyester water repellent fabric is that it makes the water drops slide off instead of absorbing them. In addition, it is windproof and breathable. The ideal way to stay dry inside your clothes… because nothing is more unpleasant than sweating in a garment that does not wick moisture. To fully protect yourself, it is advisable to combine your waterproof pants with a waterproof jacket. Alternatively, you may as well opt for a combination.

Winter work pants

To protect yourself against the cold, you can choose between two solutions. Thermal work pants protect you from the cold. Often equipped with a thermal lining, it keeps the legs warm. The other alternative is to keep your work pants on, and wear thermal underwear against your skin to maintain body heat. Used as a first layer, the thermal underpants allow you to keep your usual professional work pants, and to adapt them to all temperatures. Beware, however, that even thermal underwear treated to wick moisture does not have waterproof properties. During bad weather, it is therefore essential to opt for rain pants.

The Lafont Ergo Touch range

This is a range of technical underwear with Cold Weather Technology. Designed to be used as a first layer, they offer full UV protection (UPF 70), and protect against cold and heat thanks to a moisture wicking system. The PYRRHUS underwear is unisex. Worn under women’s work pants or men’s work pants, it maintains body heat while ensuring optimal comfort.

Thermal underwear PYRRHUS by Lafont

Working in pants in hot weather

To work in the best conditions in the summer, there is nothing like light work clothes. However, be careful not to sell out your comfort and safety. When your work environment allows it, it is possible to opt for shorts or Bermuda shorts. Just as technical as a pair of pants, they allow to discover the legs. And this, in order to evacuate more easily the body heat, and to limit the feeling of perspiration. When working in direct sunlight, always make sure to protect your skin from UV rays.

Lafont's Crusher work shorts, a best seller for construction professionals

The Work Attitude 250 Updated line includes work shorts with an urban look, ideal for construction professionals. With its elasticated waistband and crotch panel, you won’t miss out on comfort. Reinforced pocket entries made of Cordura® fabric provide even more resistance to this innovative and modern workwear.

CRUSHER work shorts by Lafont

The little extras that make the difference

In addition to materials and comfort, a “good” work pant is also measured by several factors that make it more functional or easier to live with on a daily basis. Depending on your job, you need features that facilitate certain gestures in your daily life.

Knee protectors

Professionals used to working on their knees (such as tilers or plumbers for example), must protect themselves to avoid occupational diseases such as knee hygroma, or pain. There are several solutions for this. We recommend the use of knee plates, which can be integrated into certain construction work pants. Indeed, there are some models with a knee pocket that complies with the EN 14404 standard. It is therefore possible to slip a foam plate into it.

ITUHA work pants for women by Lafont

Practical pockets and straps

For the craftsmen, it is impossible to do without the multi-pocket work pants. As the inventor of the overalls, Lafont continues the tradition of the meter pocket on specific products of certain ranges. But not only. The RULER work pants from the Work Attitude 250 Updated and its Bermuda version CRUSHER (both presented earlier in the article) have a loop, two thigh pockets with low gussets (new system of secure gussets), a pencil pocket on the ruler pocket, a ticket pocket, a tool belt, two back pockets closed by velcro with Cordura® reinforcement…

Ease of maintenance

Workwear can protect against anything… especially dirt. Nevertheless, to convey a positive image as a professional, it is important to wear clean work clothes. That is its paradox! This is why Lafont has developed work pants for each range that are compatible with industrial maintenance. If needed, follow our maintenance guide which explains it all to you!


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